IoT Products

Use Izuma Cloud's IoT infrastructure services to accelerate development.

IoT Products

Use Izuma Cloud's IoT infrastructure services to accelerate development.

Izuma Networks can drastically speed up development time when taking an IoT product to market. We have the services, open-source components and industry knowledge to quickly progress your project from concept to deployed product.

Izuma Cloud is a complete IoT Device Management Software suite that provides the fundamental IoT building blocks needed by any connected product:

Secure Identity & Connectivity   Devices connect to Izuma Cloud using two-way TLS (mTLS) communication - essentially the gold standard for secure IoT communications. Devices can do this thanks to easy-to-use factory tooling which creates unique certificates for any device and protects these certificates on the device using hardware root-of-trust when available (such as TPM 2.0). Devices can even use mTLS over CoAP / UDP for incredibly lightweight but secure communication.
Bulletproof remote update   If you are deploying a connected product you simply must be able to upgrade it for new features and security patches. Izuma Cloud provides remote devices with a highly reliable over-the-air (OTA) update system, with signature verification, rollbacks, restart capabilities and delta updates.
Configuration management for any scale device   Izuma Connect and Izuma Cloud provide a complete IoT remote management system and configuration management capability, using LwM2M protocol which can scale down to using mere kilobits of bandwidth if necessary.
Design for manufacturing tooling   Izuma Cloud’s tools allow you to work with any contract manufacturer (CM) to produce devices at volume, securely, while providing each and every device coming off the line with a unique identity. This identity is built on a certificate chain that only you, as the product owner, ever control. Our tools were designed by the experiences we have working with the world’s largest CMs.
Scalable stacks   Izuma Cloud, in combination with our open-source stacks - Izuma Edge and Izuma Connect, provide full coverage for any class product you are going to create. Izuma Connect can scale down to the absolute lightest microcontrollers, with 64k or less of RAM. You can use Izuma Edge to build products scaling up to even multi-socket, large servers. This means you can use a single platform to build a product suite, all under one management umbrella and certificate chain.
Device Directory   Izuma Cloud’s Device Directory provides a directory of all Izuma Edge & Connect devices, and provides fundamental information such as online status, firmware version, and certificate information.

Izuma Cloud: Start development with rock-solid fundamentals. Focus on your product.

Product development, testing and pilots require working infrastructure. If you decide to build that infrastructure it will significantly increase your overall development time.

The infrastructure required to create IoT and Device Edge products is often underestimated. It is true that there are a lot of open-source tools and frameworks that claim to help you accelerate product development. But making these frameworks production-ready, including fully deployed and tested on cloud infrastructure is a non-trivial effort - which can take from many months to years.

And this infrastructure is just the basics you need in place to reliably deploy connected products. It’s not your own business logic. Furthermore, you need that infrastructure rock solid before you can develop, test and deploy pilots which include your own software.

Izuma Network’s IoT Device Management software will help you drastically accelerate infrastructure setup - from years to a day.

Drastically speed up development timelines.
How it works: Izuma Cloud for IoT

Izuma Cloud is a cloud software deployment which provides the fundamental infrastrcture to securely connect, upgrades and communicate with IoT or device edge systems.

Deploying business logic with Izuma Edge vs Izuma Connect.

Izuma Cloud is typically deployed as a private cloud instance. Customers can select where and what size cloud they need. We also offer other deployment options.

In a private cloud deployment, the cloud itself is managed by Izuma and we provide an SLA for its uptime. Your team can stay focused on developing the bussiness logic and unique differentiating characteristics in your product.

Diverse set of devices? No problem.

We offer two open-source stacks for devices. Linux-based systems with at least 2GB of RAM can use Izuma Edge, giving you full modern application orchestration at the edge. Micro-controller based devices, and very lightweight Linux systems can use Izuma Connect. And both software stacks can be used at the same time, such as in the case of a gateway and a sensor device deployment.

Izuma Edge Izuma Connect
x86 or Arm CPUs Microcontroller architectures
2GB of RAM Operates in as little as 64k of memory
Any Linux distribution ANSI-C library - for almost any microcontroller OS / framework
Platform differences
Systems management for Linux OS Device Health APIs
Application orchestration via k8s Firmware Updates
(for OS and app)
Pluggable Linux OS updates N/A
Common capabilities
two-way TLS communications two-way TLS communications
certifcate based device identity and factory tooling certifcate based device identity and factory tooling
device directory and device LwM2M data key/value sync device directory and device LwM2M data key/value sync
root-of-trust hardware support root-of-trust hardware support
Apache 2.0 open-source Apache 2.0 open-source
Fundamentals for your product. But not opinionated design.

If you are on the path developing a connected product, chances are your organizations already has opinions on what protocols to use for data communication to your services or what type of OS you want on your device. Our system is designed to be a toolset to speed up and secure your deployments, not a system that pigeon holes your design team into only a certain way of thinking.

One way to look at Izuma’s services is through the lens of control plane vs data plane. This terminology is often associated with network design, but it also applies to devices at the edge. The control plane is the necessary infrastructure needed to deploy a product securely and keep it running. The data plane is all the business logic and data that the device itself should be producing, sending and receiving.

Control plane vs Data plane for IoT & Device Edge systems:

Control plane Data plane
Device accountability / directory
Secure device identity Using the device’s identity to uniquely represent the devices data
Certificate management Using said certificate to communicate over a data oriented protocol, for instance MQTT over TLS
Secure connectivity The data itself - what is sent
Firmware upgrade mechanism Firmware / application contents
Data schemas
Protocols / data update systems

The hypothetical question to ask is this: If our team were to completely change what the device itself does, and what data it will send and receive - could we upgrade devices in the field to make them do this. And could our core infrastructure still work? With Izuma Networks the answer is Yes.

For those who prefer, Izuma Edge and Izuma Connect also provide LwM2M protocol over TLS as an optional data transport. If you don’t have a preferred data transport and want to use this, its available and with zero cost in overhead. For more information read about Izuma Connect additional features

Gateway devices represent a special case version of an IoT device. Read more here

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