The Device Edge

Deliver and upgrade applications on gateways and device edge systems using Kubernetes and modern DevOps practices. Scale to thousands of devices.

The Device Edge

Deliver and upgrade applications on gateways and device edge systems using Kubernetes and modern DevOps practices. Scale to thousands of devices.

Develop, deploy and maintain applications on device edge systems using modern DevOps practices, edge-native development, and Kubernetes APIs:

Provide timely updates. Or even continuous deployment   Too often devices meant to function in remote or third-party/customer locations go for long periods of time without software updates. In some cases, they never get upgraded. Using Izuma Edge upgrades are robust, provide rollback and can scale across thousands of locations. You can also use continuous deployment methods, where builds are tied directly to your development workflow. Because applications are updated using standard Kubernetes APIs, many tools, workflows and tutorials will accelerate your team, significantly increasing efficiency.
Improve device security   Applications deployed via Izuma Cloud run as Kubernetes pods. Kubernetes provides strong methods for isolating these running containers. Additionally, Izuma Edge has significant security capabilities beyond just k8s, including extra firewalling features to isolate containers more (such as limiting to a specific network interface), device identity management, and support for hardware root of trust.
Monitor systems remotely   Because all Izuma Edge devices are k8s nodes, monitoring and management of each device is built-in and uses normal k8s APIs. Izuma Edge also provides significant systems management capabilities outside of k8s.
Edge-native development   Develop applications running on edge devices to integrate directly with cloud applications, using the same development methodology. Unify cloud and device teams while greatly speeding up development.

Deploying device edge applications with Izuma Cloud and Izuma Edge

Deploy applications using standard k8s APIs to devices running Izuma Edge.

Running a private Izuma Cloud instance, itself a full Kubernetes cluster, you can deploy applications on edge devices as you would on any other node in the k8s cluster. Each device running Izuma Edge becomes a Kubernetes node. On top of k8s APIs, Izuma Edge provides root-of-trust hardware security support, device identity, systems management and OS-level upgrade facilities.

Izuma Cloud with Izuma Edge can scale to thousands of devices and is deployed and in production use by Fortune 100s today.

Deploying gateway devices with Izuma Cloud and Izuma Edge

Gateway devices represent a special case version of a device edge system. Because Izuma Cloud provides device identity APIs and facilities, which are available locally in Izuma Edge, manufacturers or service providers who are developing a gateway class device can see additional benefits.

Device Directory: Track All Devices   Izuma Cloud’s Device Directory provides a directory of not only all Izuma Edge devices but also any device an application running on Izuma Edge wants to report locally to the Izuma Edge process. The Device Directory is accessible through the Izuma Cloud APIs. This allows gateway applications to report devices their own software sees. See below.
Depending on your particular market, you likely have specific standards and compliance goals you need to meet.

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