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Izuma Cloud allows you to securely deploy, manage and grow your edge application footprint.

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Infrastructure for Edge & IoT.

We built the pipes & pumps necessary to move edge applications, data or firmware securely & reliably.

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Our Cloud. Or AWS, Azure, GKE, or bare metal.

Scalable tookit design

An unopinionated platform built on industry standards

Open Source Components

Apache 2.0 licensed edge software stacks on Github

What is Izuma Cloud?

A unified platform for deploying edge applications & devices.

Edge as a Service Deploy applications via Kubernetes APIs. Izuma Cloud’s Edge as a Service is true k8s, not a heavily modified version. Use industry standard k8s tools and best practices to deploy applications on gateways and edge servers. Simply install Izuma Edge on your physical or virtual edge system.

What is Edge-as-a-Service

A built-in SD-WAN for k8s applications Greatly ease deployment of edge applications by consolidating the management of network policies and firewall rules. The built in TLS based SD-WAN makes it simple to get applications proper network acess across many locations.

Learn more our built-in SD-WAN for edge.

Single Pane of Glass Management for Edge & IoT Our remote management system allows you to manage, configure and upgrade software on an entire spectrum of devices. Remote terminal access, configuration API and system stats provide full remote management of deployed edge systems.

Edge systems management overview

Security By Design Whether its a tiny IoT device or a multi-RU edge server, Izuma Cloud provides a single root of trust certificate management system for all devices. Take advantage of root-of-trust hardware, two-way TLS communication, certificate management, and container policies to tighten down edge applications.

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Izuma Cloud

Manage all your remote device and edge systems from a single pane.

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For microcontroller class IoT devices.

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