Izuma Cloud

Kubernetes and device management built for Edge. Offered as a private cloud or on-premise, delivering Edge-as-a-Service.

Izuma Cloud

Kubernetes and device management built for Edge. Offered as a private cloud or on-premise, delivering Edge-as-a-Service.

Izuma Cloud is our Edge-as-a-Service and IoT Device Management platform. It enables the development of edge systems, scaling from remote cloud instances and larger servers, down to to device edge or “far” edge systems or IoT devices. Read more on our Edge-as-a-Service solution.

Izuma Cloud: Covering the entire edge spectrum

Izuma Cloud along with the open-source stacks, Izuma Edge and Izuma Connect - provide a solution that covers the entire spectrum of edge, as defined by Gartner and other industry analysts.

The edge spectrum is anything not in your central cloud. This could be compute and data at a regional data center, all the way down to a small device, termed “Device Edge” by Gartner - a device as close to the data or action origination as possible. The farthest point at the edge - could be an IoT sensor, a camera, a server or VM computing something locally, or a consumer / end-user doing something on a machine or device.

Izuma Cloud is typically deployed covering a global area, regional area, or particular product line or vertical of the organization.

Izuma Edge is deployed on edge systems, whether this is a single cloud instance, a virtual machine, a physical server, or a small gateway device or embedded Linux device as the “device edge.” These devices become Kubernetes nodes in your Izuma Cloud cluster, using secure two-way TLS communications, [secure device identity](/ s/edge-security) and certificate management. Machines deployed in many locations will also need serious systems management capabilities. Take a look at how Izuma Cloud + Izuma Edge systems management components can help address this need.

Izuma Connect is an even lighter weight stack which is for microcontroller devices. In most cases, this stack is used when creating IoT products and solutions. Izuma Connect includes IoT Configuration Management services to manage the lifecycle of a product once deployed.

Microcontroller systems using Izuma Connect are too lightweight to use Kubernetes for app delivery, so we have highly efficient firmware delivery mechanisms. The certificate management, two-way TLS communication, management APIs and dashboard are unified for both Izuma Edge and Izuma Connect devices.

The overall ecosystem of Izuma Cloud.

Hyperscaler Independence

Perhaps you are an AWS shop. Or Azure. Do you have a mixed infrastructure, where different major business units did whatever they wanted?

When you deploy physical boxes at the edge, whether this is an entire rack of servers at a Micro Data Center (MDC) or a small single gateway device, you are making a different kind of decision with a typically longer lifecycle. Times will change, management teams will move on, and your decisions for the cloud services you use, including which hyperscaler you work with, may also change.

Izuma Cloud is hyperscaler independent. You can deploy our services on any k8s cluster. You can choose where to deploy, and we will either deploy it for you or assist in deployment. Furthermore, you can redeploy our service somewhere else later and migrate.

This means your edge strategy is not tied to your hyperscaler strategy. That will provide significant maneuverability for your IT teams in the future.

Deployment Options

Izuma Cloud can be deployed three ways. The most straightforward, fastest and easiest is our private cloud option.

Fully Managed Private Cloud

Any Cloud w/ Dev Ops Support

Bare Metal w/ Support

SaaS (uses AWS) AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, others Bare Metal
No install needed Installation handled by Izuma Installation Assitance
(dedicated support)
24/7 DevOps by Izuma
DevOps handled by customer
(+ DevOps support from Izuma)
DevOps handled by customer
(+ DevOps support from Izuma)
Customer + Izuma share access Customer holds all credentials Customer holds all credentials
Priced monthly – different sizes Priced monthly w/ 1 year commit. Based on instance size Priced annually. 
Based on number of cores.
Available end of 2023.