Internet of Things

Deploy, Manage & Upgrade Devices at Scale with a Proven Platform

Build your next IoT project on a proven platform already used by some of the world’s largest companies. With over a decade of software evolution, the Izuma Networks Platform has already built the features that other solutions have yet to realize are even problems.

Deploy IoT devices & business logic with Izuma Connect or Izuma Edge.

To learn more about how IoT projects can be sped up drastically, look at our IoT Solutions description.

Core Capabilities

Izuma Cloud provides the core capabilities necessary to deploy, manage and secure large scale IoT project.

Device Directory

The Izuma Networks Device Directory can scale from dozens to millions of device. It provides a secure root of trust, real time database of all devices and all data points each device publishes. The Device Directory is a core part of the Izuma Cloud, and all cloud intstances include the service.

Certificate Mangement

Izuma Cloud’s sophisticated Root of Trust technology allows manufacturers to deploy devices each with a unique identity and certificate. Multiple certificates can be deployed per device. This allows data plane and control plane separation, or seperate security chains for IT vs OT communication.

Firmware Upgrade - OTA

A fundamental need for any modern IoT deployment is a reliable, fail-proof way to upgrade devices in the field. Izuma Cloud includes a robust firmware update service which can upgrade anything from tiny microcontroller binaries to large multi-gigabyte system images. Key features include:

  •  True root of trust secure upgrade. Updates are verified through a through a private CA which belongs only to operator.
  •  Delta update. Push only changes in the existing firmware update, improving both performance and transfer costs.
  •  Proven performance across high latency, low bandwidth connections.
  •  Pluggable architecture. Upgrade only components or subsystems you want. Using the APIs to build completely proprietary upgrade system if needed.
  •  Reliable, robust communications which can handle OTA (Over the air) updates - including rollbacks, restarts and continuation of transfer - in real world wireless firmware updates.