In the back office, down the aisle or at the cashwrap. Deliver applications at the edge to modernize retail.

Edge Computing can help retailers drive the digital transformation.

In today’s digitally driven world, its become imperative for retailers to be nimble in their marketing, product offerings and technology. Izuma Networks Edge-as-a-Service (EaaS) can help retailers deliver applications across most of the retail space, whether this is with sensors or kiosks in an aisle, at the back with localized edge computing, or at the point-of-sale, with specialized software.

Key places for Edge Computing in the retail industry:

  •  Down the aisle: kiosks, sensors, camera data
  •  At the point of sale: Improved intelligence, faster checkout
  •  Back of store: local access to key applications
  •  At regional distribution: local applications, less downtime
  •  At major warehouses: sensor intelligence, security, access to key apps

Retailers can also deliver applications at different parts of the distribution chain: at major warehouses, regional distribution centers, or even regionally across cloud service providers. Do updates in the way products are packaged or frequent changes in your supply chain cause you to need to roll out updates across multiple applications? Or perhaps changes in tax code, regional policies, or different offerings in different locations drive this?

Become more nimble by being able to update applications across a wide gamut of systems and locations with Izuma Cloud.

What can we do with Izuma Networks?
Example use cases for EaaS in retail:

Retailers already have many “edge applications” in their stores. Whether it’s basic, isolated point-of-sale systems, vertical-specific systems such as pump monitors, or sensor platforms, these systems live at many locations - but their value is often squandered.

Edge computing allows actual decisions and actions to be taken, down at the store level, independent of outside services or vendors. These applications dramatically improve the security, health and welfare of customers and employees, help meet compliance requirements, and provide the experience today’s consumers expect out of retailers.

Deliver unified experiences

During Covid many consumers experienced new types of online buying which introduced them to new conveniences. However, it’s clear post-Covid consumers also like many aspects of in-person shopping. Brick-and-mortar retailers who plan on remaining competitive with this new dynamic will have to build in-store experiences which blend the advantages of both online and in-person. This means that a retailer’s online experience needs to meld with the in-store experience. An app a person is holding in their hand needs accurate bin and aisle information. Promotions online should be echoed at in-person kiosks and signage. And, just like online, an in-person shopping experience should have tailor-made offers and marketing presented to each user uniquely.

The only way to build experiences this cohesive is by deploying applications at the edge, where real-time sensors and devices can immediately take action.

Monitor and measure key information at each location

Meeting various local health code standards, OSHA and PPE compliance, and measuring corporate KPIs can be challenging, especially with numerous locations where each location has unique details.

Izuma Networks Edge-as-a-Service allows you to create purpose-built applications for monitoring and meeting compliance, which can help you ensure standards are met and an audit trail is recorded. These types of applications will directly decrease your risk footprint.

Optimize logistics for the new ways consumers purchase

Consumers are buying in different ways today. If you are servicing pick-up in-store (BOPIS) or pick-up at curb (BOPAC) you know that maintaining accurate inventory counts, even with advanced inventory technology is challenging. Systems must be accurate, they must never miss a beat regardless of latency or outages with an ISP, and your associates need reliable, fast systems to service customers without getting frustrated.

Moving logistics applications closer to the edge, where each store has independent instances of the critical applications needed for management, can increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Let Izuma Networks Edge-as-a-Service offerings help you deliver applications across your retail footprint that improve the quality of experience, decrease risk and drive new business.

How can we help your retail organization with an edge strategy?