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Securely deploy, update and change software on systems you sell at anytime - transfrom your business model.

Izuma Networks Edge-as-a-Service model is helping companies completely transform hardware sales business models. By being able to deliver software on-demand, with the power of cloud native container orchestration, companies can leverage models previously only available to pure software-as-a-service companies.

Traditional Hardware Sale with Licensed Updates vs. As-a-Service Model:

Hardware Sale + Licensing As-a-Service Model
Firmware updates installed by end-user Updates installed automatically
Updates periodically available Continuous updates
Downtime necessary during an update No downtime
Security updates when/if an end-user takes action Security updates always applied

The advantages for companies creating solutions that require hardware in a customer location are tremendous. Not only can better revenue be achieved, but products are significantly more secure since updates get applied in a timely fashion.

Advantages for a hardware-enabled solution provider include:

Continous Updates   Izuma Networks Edge-as-a-Service is powered by Kubernetes. Using Kubernetes you can deliver continuous updates to customers at significant scale. Updates can even be custom tailored to certain customers and rolled out in any fashion your operations team thinks is appropriate.
Move to a Security First Design   Gone are the days when you and your customer can say “well, it’s a hardware system - so updates are not needed.” Today all connected devices can become security targets. And even devices that are not continuously connected to the Internet are security risks. The best way to combat the constantly shifting cybersecurity threats is to have the ability to easily and always release updates as vulnerabilities become visible. And beyond updates, Izuma’s Edge-as-a-Service provides strong hardware root-of-trust support, two-way TLS backbone communication, and sophisticated device identity tooling to help you make products that are secure by design.
Unburden Customers   It’s likely that many of your customers don’t want to be burdened with understanding your latest software release, and whether or not to apply it. By transforming your product into an As-a-Service model, you make that decision-making apart of your value-add. As-a-Service models allow you to create more value for customers, leaving those customers to worry about their own business problems.
Find New Revenue Streams   As your know, As-a-Service models provide more revenue, because they produce more value. What may not always be obvious, is that these models also create entirely new opportunities for revenue that may have not existed before. New services can be deployed on the existing hardware footprints which you sell. And new services can provide new revenue streams.

Let us help you transform a product line’s deployment, security and business model.

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