Consumer Devices

Izuma Cloud enables manufacturers to rapidly build connected products with upgradeability and strong security.

It’s becoming increasingly important to build a connected product to remain competitive, relevant and engaged with your customers. Izuma Networks provides ready-to-deploy solutions which allow you to quickly develop and deploy connected products at significant scale.

Connected products allow manufacturers to:

Upgrade firmware to improve & patch   Products that can offer improved or new functionality after the sale will significantly improve customer satisfaction. Products that may have personal data may need critical security patches to reduce liability. Izuma Networks firmware update services provide bulletproof performance to upgrade devices, even when deployed at a massive scale.
Expand the product through App and Cloud services   Connected products provide the opportunity to turn isolated devices into App driven, service-oriented products. This can provide significant new features and can change the entire brand persona.
Better insights into customers   Find out the important details of how your customers use your products. How often? Which methods? Data like this will allow the creation of improved future products and the sale of additional accessories.
Engage with customers post-sale   Due to the new insights into your customers, and the fact that the product can continue to live and improve, connected products allow you to easily engage with your customer post-sale. Inform them of updates. Provide targeted messaging based on how they use the product.
Improve customer retention   If your product is more tied into the consumer’s connected world, its less likely to be substituted for a competitor. Simply put, connected products improve customer retention.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Plenty of research shows connected products create considerably more value for the product, the company and the brand than their cost. This Harvard Business Review article has more insights.

Izuma Networks Can Speed up your Connected Product Strategy

Izuma Networks team has significant experience bringing connected products to market. So we understand the challenges facing a connected product development team. Our services solve many of these challenges:

A Cloud Service   Connected products will need a service to connect with. On day one, Izuma Networks service provides a dedicated private cloud to your team, and only your team, which is not shared with any other company. Our services can be deployed on AWS, Azure and other hyperscalers.
Secure Communications   Our cloud and device software, Izuma Connect or Izuma Edge, provide significant security features which help protect you and your customer’s data and operation. These are both open-source.
Product Out-of-box   Making sure a customer has a good out-of-box (OOB) experience connecting a product is critical. We have APIs and workflows, along with example mobile app code, to make it easy for your development team to create a smooth experience for the end-user as they connect your product after unpackaging.
Firmware Update System   As soon as a connected product is online, you will want it updated to the latest firmware release. Doing so will ensure the best experience for customers and improve security across your product line.
A Factory Process   Once your team has a working product, you will need to make sure your contract manufacturer can build it at scale. Every product coming off the line needs to be uniquely identifiable and verified as being untampered for security. Izuma’s Factory Flow tooling will let you do this.

Izuma Cloud for connected products:

  •  Proven private cloud platform ready to run on day 1.
  •  Private cloud: It's entirely your cloud.
  •  Connecting the product: Out-of-box APIs and App code
  •  Bulletproof firmware updates. Upgrade as soon as online.
  •  Tooling you need to manufacture at scale securely.

Don’t underestimate the amount of infrastructure needed for building a connected product. Of course, a great development team can build a connected product from scratch. There are plenty of open-source tools and libraries to help you get there.

But it will take significant time. Furthermore vetting the reliability and security will take even more time.

Izuma Networks services and tooling present the opportunity to speed up the development process significantly.

Let Izuma Networks accelerate your products go-to-market timeline