Izuma Services FAQ

Common questions answered
Can Izuma Connect run on my tiny micrcontroller device with almost no memory?

It depends on your device, but we have a version of Izuma Connect termed “Ultralight” which can run on very lightweight microcontrollers. Contact us for more details.

What RTOS does Izuma Connect support?

The Izuma Connect library is written in ANSI-C and should compile on most microcontroller platforms. It is all available in source form.

We have tested on:

  • Mbed OS 5.x
  • Mbed OS 6.x
  • FreeRTOS on multiple SoCs
  • Zephyr OS

More details and step-by-step instructions available in our client technical document.

The library has a platform adaptation layer and it can run on any OS and any hardware that has the required capabilities.

Can Izuma Cloud be deployed at our factory / campus / etc. in a standalone fashion?

Yes, Izuma Cloud can be deployed in what we term “on premise.” This means that your entire cloud service could even be in an entirely isolated network if necesary. Any deployment like this has custom aspects to it. Please contact our team for more information.

Will Izuma Edge run on a Raspberry Pi?

Yes, we have a build of Izuma Edge specifically for the Raspberry Pi 3B+ and Pi 4.

Izuma Edge will easily run on any embedded Linux microPlatform (LmP) target.

Will Izuma Edge run in Docker?

Yes, installation via Docker is available here NEED LINK. Bear in mind Izuma Edge running as a Docker container has some caveats, namely around the fact that it will run in a Docker-in-Docker configuration. See README.